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Tailgate Guys BBQ Podcast

Nov 11, 2020

This week on the Tailgate Guys BBQ Show Podcast, we talk to a veteran pitmaster who’s been one of the nation’s best for several years on the KCBS circuit and a newcomer who just completed his first year.

Chiles Cridlin of Wolf’s Revenge BBQ out of Henrico, Virginia, chats about a variety of topics. After three consecutive top-10 finishes in the KCBS Team of the Year race, Chiles was 20th in the just-completed season and is off to the KCBS Invitational this weekend. Also a member of the KCBS Board of Directors, he discusses some new twists coming to the comp scene in 2021, and as a Smithfield brand ambassador he offers some tips for backyard cooks about meat selection.

We also visit with Missouri’s Hugh Munro, a former professional drag racer who now gets his adrenaline rush cooking BBQ. Hugh's Ambition Que team cooked 10 KCBS contests in its first season. What were some highlights, what did Hugh learn and what advice would he give to those consideration taking the competition plunge? He tells us.

Meanwhile, Lyndal and Steve talk about their cooking week and how to celebrate the Masters in November with some Sunday-afternoon grilling plans.

Thanks to our sponsors/marketing partners who make the fun possible: Blues Hog, Royal Oak Charcoal, The Butcher Shoppe, The BBQ Central Show, Affordable Income Tax & Payroll, DDR Fabrication, Colaw RV and The BBQ League. Special thanks to Vietti Marketing Group and In the Garden of Eden for supporting our competition efforts.

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Have a great BBQ Week! #SmokeEmIfYouGotEm