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Tailgate Guys BBQ Podcast

Oct 1, 2019

On Episode 37 of the Tailgate Guys BBQ Show Podcast, we talk to the reigning KCBS World Champion, Brad Leighninger of Gettin’ Basted, about a variety of topics. Gettin’ Basted and several other National BBQ League teams will be in Lebanon, Missouri at Saturday’s KCBS Graven Guts Glory Ram BBQ Throwdown - and the public is invited to sample their food and ask questions of these elite pitmasters starting at 2 p.m.

(Note: The Tailgate Guys BBQ teams also will be there, mixing it up in the KCBS portion of the competition. Stop by the Lebanon Fairgrounds and see us!)

Co-headlining this week’s lineup are first-time guests Rick and Ty Hamilton from Montana Outlaw BBQ. Long one of the top teams from the western United States, Montana Outlaw BBQ also has its own line of award-winning BBQ rubs and a growing inventory of instructional videos to help those of all levels of open-fire-cooking skill.

If you’re into baseball, the guys also do a quick breakdown of the MLB playoffs with some “expert” analysis of the Cardinals-Braves series. #TimeToFly

Thanks to our sponsors Smithfield, Blues Hog, Affordable Income Tax & Payroll and Colaw RV. Until next week …