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Tailgate Guys BBQ Podcast

Nov 22, 2022

On Episode 190 of the Tailgate Guys BBQ Podcast, we catch up with one of the busiest people in BBQ a day after the launch of not one, not two, not three … but SIX new Blues Hog spice rubs. Tim Scheer of Blues Hog, Gateway Drum Smokers and Marble Ridge Farms joins me with a description of each of the new rubs, plus a breakdown of a 2022 season that included a Memphis in May World BBQ Championship. The planning for a title defense next May on the riverfront is underway.

We also welcome a former show “Under the Radar” guest who’s now blazing quite a trail in the competition world. It’s Brian Peyton of Meat Me in St. Louis, fresh off his first KCBS Grand Championship against a star-studded field at the Atlanta BBQ Store Classic. Brian discusses that cook, plus other career highlights including a world baked beans championship at this year’s American Royal World Series of BBQ.

Co-hosts Lyndal and Steve preview their Thanksgiving cooking plans, touch on the merits of tofu turkey (not that anyone who eats tofu listens to this show) and take a quick tour of the sports world.

A big thanks to our great sponsor/marketing partners who make Season 4 of the Tailgate Guys BBQ Podcast possible: Blues Hog BBQ Sauce, Royal Oak Charcoal, The Butcher Shoppe, Iowa BBQ Store, Fergolicious BBQ, Affordable Financial Services, Arkassippi Smoke Live and The Arkassippi Combo, Pro Technology Solutions, Vietti Marketing, In the Garden of Eden and Marty “Sign Man” Prather and Domino’s.

We have just three episodes remaining in Season 4. If you’re interested in joining us as a show partner for Season 5 in 2023, shoot me an email at

Have a great BBQ Week and thanks for listening! #SmokeEmIfYouGotEm