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Tailgate Guys BBQ Podcast

Dec 14, 2022

Travis Clark is arguably the greatest ever to fire up a competition BBQ pit and the statistics back that up. As a two-time KCBS Team of the Year, Grand Champion at both the American Royal World Series of BBQ and The Jack Daniels World BBQ Invitational, Clark Crew BBQ has 58 KCBS Grand Championships in 245 career events (an amazing 24-percent win percentage). On Episode 193 of the Tailgate Guys BBQ Podcast, the always straight-talking Travis Clark visits with us about the state of competition BBQ, where he ranks among the greats and his award-winning Clark Crew BBQ restaurant in Oklahoma City. It’s an extended conversation that we hope you will enjoy.

Meanwhile, on our final regularly scheduled show of Season 4, co-hosts Lyndal and Steve talk about smoking holiday treats - meat or otherwise - and offer some gift ideas for the BBQ enthusiast in your life.

As we wrap up another year, a big thanks goes out to our great sponsor/marketing partners who made Season 4 possible: Blues Hog BBQ Sauce, Royal Oak Charcoal, The Butcher Shoppe, Iowa BBQ Store, Fergolicious BBQ, Affordable Financial Services, Arkassippi Smoke Live and The Arkassippi Combo, Pro Technology Solutions, Vietti Marketing, In the Garden of Eden and Marty “Sign Man” Prather.

We may have a special edition next week. Watch our Facebook page for news about that. Otherwise, we’ll return in January to kick off Season 5 and our ninth season overall of the Tailgate Guys BBQ Show. If you’re interested in joining us as a show partner in 2023, shoot me an email at

Have a great BBQ Week and thanks for listening! #SmokeEmIfYouGotEm